[🎙️ Seedcamp Firsts] How to set up customer support and operations as an early-stage startup

In our latest edition of Seedcamp Firsts, our Head of Brand and Network, Natasha Lytton, speaks with one of our fantastic mentors, Rona Ruthen, about setting up customer support and operations in early-stage startups.

Rona is one of the best people to learn from on this topic following her experience scaling Fintech unicorn Monzo among other well-known startups, including Curve, a Seedcamp portfolio company.

Learn why setting up customer operations is a strategic decision, why customer experience is critical for every product that we use and care about, and why you want customers to engage with the product and make that whole experience easy, end to end. Furthermore, find out why, as you start scaling customer support, you need more consistency and standardisation in how you respond to customers and how you interact with them.

Read our Deep Dive Q&A.

Watch the full conversation on YouTube.

Stay tuned for Part II, where Rona will join us to go much deeper into everything around scaling, where change is the only constant. We’ll be delving much more into how you can bring teams on the journey with you and how to embrace change as you scale.

Show notes:

Rona Ruthen – twitter.com/RonaRuthen

Natasha Lytton – twitter.com/Natashalytton

Seedcamp – seedcamp.com

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