[🎙️ Seedcamp Firsts] Scaling Customer Operations: Change is the only constant

Tune in for Part II of our Seedcamp Firsts series on customer operations, in which Rona Ruthen and Natasha Lytton delve into scaling – a phase when change is the only constant.

Rona shares her lessons and incredible experiences scaling operations across various roles, including VP of customer operations at Monzo, where she helped the company grow from 1 million to six, all largely over the Covid pandemic.

With more than 15 years of experience in FinTech financial services and payment solutions in companies in Israel and the UK, she is a seasoned expert in scaling up customer service and operations.

Learn why communication, clear goals, and single-threaded leadership are essential and how to get buy-in from people across the company.

Read the Deep Dive Q&A here.

If you missed Part I, where Rona talked about setting up customer operations in early-stage startups, catch up here.

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Show notes:

Rona Ruthen – twitter.com/RonaRuthen

Natasha Lytton – twitter.com/Natashalytton

Seedcamp – seedcamp.com


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