Ben Blume on what funds like Atomico look for in founders

At $765m Atomico IV is one of the largest venture capital funds ever raised in Europe. But what do Atomico look for in the companies and founders which they choose to back? In this second Seedcamp Sessions podcast, Ben Blume, Principal at Atomico, elaborates on the fund’s investment thesis and processes, explaining the high level benchmarks that the firm looks for when investing in entrepreneurs, from technological defensibility to deep domain experience and inherent scalability. Ben describes in more detail the principles which guide’s Atomico’s decision making process (including ‘Now is the Age of the Entrepreneur’), as codified in their manifesto, as well as their appetite for ‘visionary and risky bets’. from Seedcamp in 2009, explores why bootstrapping a SaaS business in 2018 is no longer viable plus much more.

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