David Mytton on SaaS funding

I launched the Seedcamp ‘This Much I Know’ Podcast back in 2015 with a view to hearing and sharing the exceptional and often unknown stories of many inspirational thought leaders. We’ve learned about our guests’ lives, goals and ambitions as well as their thoughts and first-hand experiences when it comes to building and scaling startups, teams and communities.

As we near our 150th podcast and following feedback from you, our listeners, we are introducing a new, shorter-form podcast called ‘Sessions’. Our Sessions interviews will be hyper-focused on a specific issue, idea or functional area and provide you with digestible content and tangible actions you can take away and apply to your own businesses.

Naturally, we will continue to do our long-form podcasts for those of you who enjoy the deeper dives and we hope Sessions will be the perfect accompaniment to this.

So please do tune in and let us know your thoughts along with any ‘Session’ areas you’d like us to explore or guests you’d like to recommend.

We’re thrilled to kickstart Sessions with David Mytton, CEO of Server Density, on why you can’t build SaaS without significant funding

In a recent blog post, David argues you can’t build a SaaS company in 2018 without significant funding. With increased competition from alternative vendors, investing in product and engineering to differentiate from other solutions is imperative — and comes at a significant expense. Tune into this informative podcast as David, who received investment from Seedcamp in 2009, explores why bootstrapping a SaaS business in 2018 is no longer viable plus much more.

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