David Siegel of The Pillar Project on Crypto, ICO structures & Bubbles

David Siegel is one of the world’s first web designers, a strategist, bestselling author, and a pioneer of the “personal data locker” concept. He’s the CEO of the Pillar Project – a next-generation universal smart wallet that uses tokens and 20.30, a community of people who want to build the decentralized world, which includes blockchain, cryptocurrencies, decentralized apps and more. Having built one of the earliest websites on the internet in 1994, David went onto help Fortune 500 companies get themselves online, before eventually selling to KPMG. Speaking to Carlos, he outlines how bodies like the SEC should move towards evidence-based regulation of crypto assets. David argues that we are not in a crypto bubble, as bubbles imply the total collapse of an asset class value forever. Meanwhile, he says, the ‘value of all cryptocurrencies will continue to rise, though with plenty of volatility for the foreseeable future.’

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