Natasha Lytton on building strong brands that cut-through an increasingly crowded market

In this week’s episode of This Much I Know, Carlos speaks to our very own Head of Marketing & Communications Natasha Lytton about investing in your brand and the importance of getting the whole team aligned with what you do. Reflecting on her experiences as Head of Marketing & Communications at Savsé, a drinks business that became the fastest growing smoothie brand in the UK & her experience as CMO of Pronto, Natasha speaks with great conviction when she says, firstly, you need to know internally, ‘Who you are, what you do & who you do it for’, and only then, can you start to communicate this externally through marketing campaigns. She provides tangible takeaways for early stage companies, like giving advice on how to work with agencies as well as providing a framework on how to think creatively as a company. Tune in to hear more about building your brand as well as how she overcame challenges using strategic, creative & analytical thinking.

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