Patrick Drake, cofounder at HelloFresh on building customer loyalty

Sneaking out during lunch breaks to help out the chefs at the City law firm where he worked, Patrick Drake was always destined for a career doing what he loves: cooking. As co-founder and Head Chef of the world’s largest recipe box service, HelloFresh, that’s exactly what happened. Speaking to Seedcamp partner Carlos Espinal, Patrick recalls his story of jettisoning a corporate career and founding HelloFresh – inspired by the vision of making it easier for people to eat tasty, nutritious food and learn how to cook new dishes for themselves and their families. He discusses lessons learnt in HelloFresh’s early days (‘handwriting little thank you notes to our first 10 customers who were basically our parents and our friends trying to humour us’), where live feedback was enormously important for iterating in product. Tune in to hear more on the HelloFresh journey from handing out fliers in Waterloo station through to IPO and if you fancy your hand in the kitchen, check out the new HelloFresh cookbook ‘Recipes that Work‘.

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