Seedcamp Podcast, Episode 2: Evaluating Interested & Existing Investors in Your Startup

The ‘Take On:’ series sees the Seedcamp Partners, Reshma and Carlos explore various topics throughout the world of Startups and Early-stage Investment. During each episode they’ll speak with members of the Seedcamp family to hear their views; including the Seedcamp team, our Investors, Mentors, and Startups.

For the second podcast in this series, Reshma and Carlos look at what investors look for in other investors to syndicate with, but also what founders should look for in investors, when actively fundraising. They discuss:

  • why choosing your investors is like choosing a family
  • what an amazing investor looks like
  • what type of investor might be most suitable for your startup
  • why the size of your investor’s fund is worth considering
  • the pros and cons of working with specialist vs generalist skill-set investors
  • why an investor’s deal experience is important
  • how to tell if an investor might not be suitable for your startup

If the above player doesn’t work for you, you can also listen directly from our Soundcloud page.

For more information on what to look for in an investor, read our blog post that goes into more detail.

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