Seedcamp Podcast, Episode 3: The Growth Story with Richard Moross, Founder and CEO

The ‘Take On:’ series sees the Seedcamp Partners, Reshma and Carlos explore various topics throughout the world of Startups and Early-stage Investment. During each episode they’ll speak with members of the Seedcamp family to hear their views; including the Seedcamp team, our Investors, Mentors, and Startups.

For the third podcast in this series, Reshma and Carlos tackle some of the questions that many founders would love to ask success-story Moo‘s founder, Richard Moross. They discuss:

  • why Richard founded his company
  • what drives innovation within Moo
  • how to hire good people
  • how to find good investors (see our second podcast for more info)
  • the worst investor rejection Richard received
  • how an overhead-heavy startup can manage its costs
  • how to know when you’re not a startup anymore…

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