Seedcamp Podcast, Episode 5: Rockstar Lawyers & How to Tackle Early-stage Legals, with Tina Baker

In the ‘Seedcamp Podcast Series’ we talk with key people in the tech startup industry to hear their stories and gleam key advice and learnings from their experiences.

In this edition of the Seedcamp Podcast Series, Carlos Espinal and Tom Wilson, Investment Manager (and ex-Lawyer) at Seedcamp, have a chat with Tina Baker, Partner & Co-founder of JagShawBaker and real-life rockstar. They discuss:

  • how Tina transitioned from professional musician to law-firm Partner
  • addressing early-stage legal disputes between founders
  • why reverse vesting is a smart way to allocate shares
  • using legal documents like the Founders Collaboration Agreement at
  • picking the right lawyer for your startup
  • how much you can expect to pay a law firm

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