Seedcamp Podcast, Episode 8: The Opinion Team and the Future of Podcasts

In the ‘Seedcamp Founder Series’ we talk with the founders of Seedcamp companies to understand their motivations, challenges and successes.

Podcasting is increasingly becoming the future of spoken media, with more and more people getting into the medium through the ease of recording through mobile devices. In this episode of the Seedcamp Founder Series, Carlos and Tom speak to Tor Rauden and Håkan Waara, founders of Seedcamp company Opinion, to walk us through what they think of Podcasting and its future. They discuss:

  • How Tor and Håkan began working on Opinion
  • Why now is the perfect time to get podcasting
  • How podcasting has evolved in the last decade
  • How podcasting fits in amongst other broadcasting channels
  • What it’s going to take for podcasts to go mainstream
  • The future of podcast discovery
  • How podcasts can give brands a voice and develop relationships with their listeners
  • How Opinion is the simplest way to start podcasting

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