Seedcamp Podcast, Episode 99: Alex Stephany – Author and ex-CEO at JustPark

In today’s episode, Carlos from Seedcamp is joined by Alex Stephany, Tech CEO, Advisor and Author of “The Business of Sharing: Making it in the New Sharing Economy“. Tune in to listen to Alex on how he hustled his way through the tech scene from scratch, after studying english Literature, ending up to became the CEO of Justpark. Alex and Carlos move on to discuss key advice on hiring and exchange views on job titles for early employees, how to keep your team motivated and how to understand if you have made a bad hire.

If you’re interested in Sharing Economy, this is the time to turn the volume up. Alex explains that the reason why he’s written a book focused on this topic was to offer a 360 degree view coming from the entrepreneurs when compared with other books which have been primarily written by scholars or economists. Listen to a discussion on the professionalisation of the supply side, it’s impact on the sharing economy and their visions about the future.

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