The Future of Health Care with the Founders of MedAll & Doctorly

We talk frequently about the future of health on this podcast and feature myriad guests to help cover the various facets involved in improving health care services the world over. The World Health Organisation has long been warning of an impending health sector crisis and, with the arrival of Covid-19, the urgency for better health care infrastructures is finally at the forefront of people’s mind.

In this latest deep dive into the world of health care, we’re joined by Phil McElnay and Samir El-Alami, founders and CEO’s of MedAll and Doctorly respectively, both proudly backed by Seedcamp at the earliest stage.

In this podcast they discuss how the health industry remains outdated due to silos of data, old software, lack of productivity tools and even access to good wifi. Although the simple digitalisation of the system would in itself be transformative for the sector, grants and regulations are rather moved towards advanced technologies, while little to no attention is given to more ordinary, yet fundamental, areas such as administration and training.

As a medical doctor and a National Institute for Health Research academic fellow, Phil became very aware of the need for better digital training early on, which ultimately resulted in the creation of MedAll. A platform for training software for health care practitioners, medical schools and training bodies, MedAll helps build curriculums and credentials to a much higher standard and ultimately provide better care for patients.

Samir on the other hand, an academically trained archaeologist, with twelve years experience in the tech startup world, found himself torn between a new venture in ed-tech or health tech, eventually opted for the latter, once made aware that doctors in Germany spend on average 70% of their time on administrative tasks instead of on patients. A few years later, Doctorly has now raised a $5.6M seed round in its quest to get rid of disk-based operating healthcare systems.

Tune in to hear these two experts discuss the future of healthcare and healthcare systems, the most innovative forms of training globally and how they are highlighted and adopted worldwide, practical examples of where the health tech sector needs to expedite, and why are startups still afraid of tackling this space.

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