Scenes from last year

Seeing as Seedcamp Week 2008 is only a couple months away now we thought you might want to have a look at our footage from last year. Hopefully it should give a good sense of what goes on and just how intensely stimulating the experience can be.

Seedcamp Week 2007 from Seedcamp.

Featuring panel appearances by: Anil Hansjee (Google) Arvind Desikan (Google) Ben Holmes (Index) Brent Hoberman ( Charlie Muirhead (Nexagent) Christian Heilmann (Yahoo!) Danny Rimer (Index Ventures) Dave Brown (Microsoft) David Rajan (Oracle) Donna Sokolsky (Sparkpr) Gustav Sderstrm (Yahoo!) Klaus Hommels (Benchmark) Kristof Fahy (Blackberry) Lars Lindstedt (Microsoft) Marc Samwer (European Founders Fund) Martin Varsavsky (FON) Matt Jones (Dopplr) Mattias Ljungman (Atomico) Max Polyakov (IDE Group) Michael Jackson (Skype) Mike Shaver (Mozilla) Nic Brisbourne (DFJ Esprit) Niklas Zenstrom (Skype / Joost / Atomico) Richard Morross (Moo) Robert Hamilton (Google) Robin Klein (The Accelerator Group) Sam Sethi (BlogNation) Saul Klein Scott Gallacher (Sky) Simon Guild (formerly MTV Europe) Sonali De Rycker (Atlas) Stewart Townsend (Sun) Tim Stevens (BT) Tina Baker (Brown Rudnick) Toby Rowland ( Tom Coates (Yahoo!)

And, of course, interviews with some of our participating teams: Content Syndicate: Words on Demand Debatewise Facecontact Killsushi Krogos Software Development Kublax Financial Technologies Ltd Maple and Leek Maxicheque OpenEra Systems Ltd Playfair Price Delivered RentMineOnline Tablefinder AB The School of Everything Tickex Wallstreetdocs Zemanta

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