Seedcamp Podcast, Episode 65: Scott Sage, EIR at Seedcamp, a look at international expansion for startups (Part 1 of 3)

In the ‘Seedcamp Podcast Series’ we talk with key people in the tech startup industry to hear their stories and gleam key advice and learnings from their experiences.

Scott Sage, Expert in Residence at Seedcamp, sits down with Carlos Espinal in the first of a three part series. In this episode, Scott and Carlos discuss Internationalisation.

Scott begins by explaining his move from wanting to study music into majoring in finance and building a career in investment. He talks about his keen interest in SaaS, marketplace and enterprise companies and what makes a business stand out to him as an Investor before providing some key lessons learnt from his first few investments made at Draper Esprit (previously DFJ Esprit). He then discusses Internationalisation and why this is important for young companies, before looking at some best in class examples, when European startups should look at opening international offices, and advice based on the experiences he went through working with Conversocial, Datahug and Trustpilot.

As an Expert in Residence at Seedcamp, Scott helps our Founders with their early go-to-market strategies, figuring out early sales execution, marketing campaigns and think about how to capture more value for their businesses. He also supports them with their fundraising strategy and laying the groundwork for taking their company to their first international market.

Prior to Seedcamp Scott was a Partner at Draper Esprit in London. He invested into SaaS, big data, developer tools and marketplace companies across Europe with a focus on the UK and Nordics. During his time at DFJ Esprit he supported some of Europe’s fastest growing companies including Bitbar, Campanja, Conversocial, Datahug, Lyst, SportPursuit and Trustpilot.

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