Seedcamp Week 2010 – Day 2: Product & Marketing Day

Day two of Seedcamp Week is always very busy and packed full of marketing, tech and product gurus from startups and corporates alike. With two panel discussions, a masterclass, and 7 mentoring sessions, our teams are laden with invaluable advice to help get their product off the ground. With mentors from eBay, Dopplr, Skype, Google, Microsoft, Xing and LoveFilm to name but a few, all of Twitter was ablaze with key quotes and takeaways to help all startups.


Today, the product panel focused on issues ranging from the initial decisions on product design, feedback vs big ideas, to building development and design teams. The marketing panel offered interesting insights to different approaches to international markets, the possibilities that companies have with small and large budgets, and the importance of community management and evangelism. Ryan Carson shared insights to some of the metrics he uses to track the success of his webapps, a master class that was very well received.


To keep up and see what everybody is saying – and to learn some great pointers – check out Tim Bradshaw’s (FT) Twitter account, as he got a lot of great quotes from the panel sessions. Mark Butcher’s piece on Seedcamp today is also very interesting, pointing out some larger trends we are seeing across the board – a very strong focus on B2B businesses.

Seedcamp Day 2 from Seedcamp on Vimeo.


Tomorrow is all about ‘How to Scale’ with some major VC’s and Investors in attendance. The teams are looking forward to get insights on funding strategies, M&A and cooperation with big companies – and so are we!

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