Seedhack 5.0 on Life-logging, 4-6 July at Campus

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3042322515_e949105fd8_z Seedhack is our 48 hour hackathon and over the weekend of 4-6th July we are bringing you another slice of the action! This will be our 5th Seedhack in our headquarters based in Google Campus, right at the heart of London’s Tech City. Our past Seedhacks have focused on Fintech, Fashion, and Content but our next hackathon is dedicated to Lifelogging. (For a 5 minute intro to Lifelogging, there is this great TED video.)

Lifelogging, or Quantified Self, is where technology and personal data unite in order to improve our everyday lives. There is currently an increasing amount of wearable technologies, sensors, and applications that are designed to track our movements for a variety of outcomes, such as improving our fitness, sleep habits, or what to wear. Such devices generate big data sets that offer limitless possibilities to learn from and optimise ourselves. Our Seedhack vers. 5.0 is focused on exploring the creative ideas and clever usage of technology in this field.

This broad theme allows plenty of freedom and we encourage participants from all different sectors to join our Seedhack. You might want to innovate healthcare with real-time baby monitoring, shake up sports with tracking body performances, or save time when shopping by automatically knowing what clothes will suit you. But hey! These are all just examples of a subset of quantified self technologies so let your mind run wild.

If you already have an idea — cool! If you don’t — no worries. By joining our Seedhack you will be surrounded by inspiring and talented people that will challenge you and your idea allowing you to pivot, pivot, and pivot again until you get the right idea! We are looking for developers, however we also need people with UX design, marketers, biz dev, creative minds and everyone else to get involved!

On the API front, we are planning to have numerous partners and we are open to bring in APIs varying from healthcare to wearable. Keep an eye on the Seedcamp Twitter for more API announcements, including a few big names that we think you may have heard of! Updates on this to come very soon.

At the end of an exhausting weekend of coding, pizza, and energy drinks you’ve got the awesome chance to present your hacks on stage and get the feedback from our high class judges (TBA soon)! The winning teams will get not only fame but fun awards – our Seedhacks are famous for this so stay tuned!

In order to get the optimal ratio of skills to create strong teams, we ask you to fill out this form and express your interest in the topic. We would love to have everyone, however we do have limited space, so please make sure you stand out in the application form to secure your place! We will let you know by the 25th June if you are one of the participants in Seedhack July 2014.

Are you interested in getting involved on an API or sponsor level? Please give us a shout!

Register to the event: Apply now!


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