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Carlos Eduardo Espinal

Managing Partner

I’m the guy our founders call when they need advice. I work closely with our companies on everything from settling founder disputes to setting fundraising milestones - I wrote a book called The Fundraising Fieldguide to help answer many of a startups' questions around the fundraising process.

Having worked as an Associate at Doughty Hanson Technology Ventures, as an Engineer for the Advanced Communications Technologies group of The New York Stock Exchange (SIAC), and as a consultant, at PKI Developer, Cybertrust/Baltimore Technologies before joining Seedcamp back in 2010, I love tech and jumping into the deep end with new ideas and products.

I’m originally from Honduras but went to college in the US before moving to London. I travel frequently both in a work and a personal capacity and am fascinated by the evolution of the tech ecosystem across the globe and spreading the Seedcamp message so we can support and unite our founders.

Much like our founders, I’m on a constant quest for knowledge and democratising information. I spearheaded SeedSummit with partners across the world to make key information accessible to anyone looking to startup a business. You’ll also find me podcasting for Seedcamp at ‘This Much I Know where I speak to innovators, leading tech voices, investors and operators who share their journey with our listeners.

My analytical and scientific approach to a lot of what I do is countered with my love of creative outlets. I’m an avid bloggerphotographer, coffee lover, and a bouldering aficionado.