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Reshma Sohoni

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

I co-founded Seedcamp back in 2007. A decade down the line and I continue to be excited by spotting and supporting world changing startups. Day-to-day I work with our team and our companies on wide ranging topics that help push them from those difficult early days into being household names.

I love the process of building something from nothing, which takes nothing short of excellence. And at Seedcamp, we get to do that over and over again across many different sectors. It’s exciting to see hard work and game changing connections come together.

I have always worked at the intersection of business and technology, that being the thread across my career from M&A Banking to Vodafone to starting up Seedcamp. I love numbers and people.

Given my love of people, being around friends and family laughing is what you will catch me doing with my time outside of work. I also hope I will be one of those people than can still be running in my 80's.