More languages, partners, and a workshop for the Seedsummit Term Sheets

About a month ago, Seedsummit announced the start of our termsheet initiative by bringing together 21 investors around a set of guideline terms with the purpose of providing greater transparency to European Founders about the fundraising process.

We have now worked hard to not just let the first iteration stand, but to broaden the reach, take feedback into account, and add more partners to our list. Please see the post on for the detailed news, but two new jurisdictions and 5 more institutional and various private investors are a great next step in this initiative.

In addition

Seedsummit will be holding a termsheet workshop on Sep 20th open to all founders that are interested in raising funds soon. The aim is to have a walkthrough of all the terms as well as to have an open Q&A environment. Legal Firms Orrick and Brown Rudnick will be present to answer any questions you may have.

Lastly, make sure to check out several founders’ views on the initiative, as it was important for us to see how the entrepreneurial community responded to the Term Sheets. We hope to see may of you at the workshop in September!

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