Seedcamp Academy Days

Learning_DayLike in the movie ‘The Matrix‘, don’t we all wish we could just download ‘kung fu’ into our heads just when we needed it?

Our Seedcamp Academy days, do just that.

Whilst there is a benefit to the more traditional forms of academic instruction, namely, ‘the traditional three month startup program’, we believe that by learning the right skills at the right time, we maximize the likelihood that a founder is learning skills he or she can apply and remember when it is needed.

Seedcamp Academy days happen throughout the year. They are open to all of our companies, even the ones we invested in back in 2007. Once family, always family. The format, held over three to four days, is usually to cover topics that have surfaced to the top as needed by most of the startups at that point in time in a workshop-type style. Topics in the past have ranged from how to manage an M&A process to UI/UX. Other topics we have covered include pricing your product, lean development, analytics for startups, corporate governance, and  legals to name a few; all led by specialists in the field and including well known thought leaders such as Ryan Carson from TreeHouse and Eric Ries, author of The Lean Startup.

IMG_2295As I’m writing this we are just kicking off this month’s Seedcamp Academy Days.

First up is Andy Budd, CEO of Clearleft, a leading UX and Design firm, covering what to keep in mind when designing your product. After, we are looking forward to covering actionable metrics, marketing & biz dev, objectives & key results, and concluding with pitch training.

And the best part of it all? It’s having the great comments and real-world experience added to the discussion by our attending founders, many of whom, are notable experts of their own, and can help their fellow Seedcamp companies with personal experiences and how they solved their own challenges.

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