Tick. Investment – done.

The internet is broken.

That’s the belief of our latest investment, Tick, a simple, people-powered micro-video platform where users can both share and learn how to do anything in seconds – think stories meets ‘how-to’ videos. We are incredibly excited to invest in the team and lead their pre-seed round of over half a million pounds.

A counter to the narcissism and addictive nature of the internet, Tick wants to repurpose social behaviours and encourage greater altruism and productivity online through its platform where a billion people will learn a million new skills. The app-based platform offers a simple, mobile-first creator tool, and step-by-step viewing (for ease of follow along) – plus it dramatically enhances the search-engine discoverability of such content through publishing the stories onto the open web via the fast-growing Google ‘AMP’ story format. 

We first discovered the phenomenal team at Zinc, the London-based business builder of companies that solve the world’s biggest problems. Tick is the brainchild of three seasoned entrepreneurs and operators: Franz Schrepf, Cedric Lam and Jess Butcher. Jess, former CMO and co-founder of Blippar, discovered Franz and Cedric while mentoring at Zinc and felt so inspired by the mission that she decided to jump in headfirst and join them on this big mission.

We believe this team is perfectly placed to kick-start a new consumer movement for creation and access to quick skills and knowledge and are delighted to lead investment into their pre-seed round.

So, what is some of the best performing Tick content? Whether you want to know how to drill a hole in a tile without cracking it, do things with your kids that don’t involve screens or how to make the perfect chicpea and qunioa bowl, Tick has the content for you to get things done. And if you have a hidden skill you want to help show to the world, find how to create the best Tick stories right here.

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