The US Trip

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Twice a year we travel to the US with a dozen Seedcamp startups to introduce them to some of the world’s most prestigious companies and investors. The two-week trip helps our startups build bridges across the pond; accessing capital, knowledge, markets and connections. We travel to New York, Boston, San Francisco and the Valley.

As part of our Seedcamp Platform, the US Trip combines our focus on Capital, Learning and our Network. It provides our Founders with the opportunity to meet, learn from and present to the best; the top investors; the giants of platforms and partners; the fastest moving startups; the Founders who built them; and smart and connected mentors in the US.

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But it’s not just about the exposure. It’s about smart exposure. It’s about matching our startups at the right time, with the right capital, in the right places. It’s about bringing early-stage companies to the US to connect with game-changing advisors and that first big customer. It’s about bringing our growth-stage companies that are making huge strides in the European market and now looking to expand and continue to ramp up their growth.

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Some of the companies we visit include Dropbox, Google, Square and Stripe, in addition to tier-1 investors such as Andreessen HorowitzGreylock PartnersIndex Ventures, and Sequoia Capital.

We’ve been making the journey with founders in the Seedcamp Family since 2011, and have so far helped over a third of our startups raise US funding.

To find out what it’s like from our startups’ point of view, read their US Trip diaries below!

The US Trip is available to all Seedcamp startups. Join the Seedcamp Family