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$180M to back the next generation of Europe’s most exceptional entrepreneurs. Listen in as our leadership team shares more about our plans for Seedcamp VI.

Meet the team behind Seedcamp VI

It’s been over 15 years since we started Seedcamp. In that time, we’ve seen, well, a lot!

From navigating economic downturns and political crises to surviving a global health pandemic and bank collapses, we are no strangers to living through uncertain times. 

While volatility might be the current name of the game, at Seedcamp we are optimists at heart. Over this time, we’ve also seen the European tech ecosystem mature, professionalise, and join forces in times of crisis and experienced so many positive stories for Europe and across our Seedcamp Nation.

Now with a portfolio of over 460 companies – including 9 unicorns and two publicly listed companies – we believe we’re just scratching the surface when it comes to the talent and game-changing ideas to be found across the Continent. 

This is why we are incredibly excited to reach our latest milestone and launch our $180M Fund VI. Backed by 200+ of the world’s most impactful investors, this is by far our most ambitious fund to date. While the fund size may be larger (almost double that of Fund V), the entrepreneurial spirit of Seedcamp and the energy we bring around the teams we back remains very much the same. We believe now really is the moment to invest in the next decade of entrepreneurship. 

Community is at our core at Seedcamp which is why we are thrilled to have the trust of many of our own founders as investors in Fund VI, including the likes of Jeppe Rindom (Pleo), Johnny Boufarhat (Hopin), Taavet Hinrikus (Wise), Daniel Dines (UIPath), Mridula Pore (Peppy Health), Eldad Fuks (Appwrite), and many more.  

We’re in the business of building long-standing relationships across the Seedcamp Nation, and that’s as true for our founders as it is for our LPs. We are delighted to have the support of over 200 institutions, Angels, and members of the Seedcamp Network as investors in Fund VI. These include the likes of Vintage IP, TIFF, Ref Cap, Harbourvest, LGT, Legal & General, Arcano Partners, Sofina Group, EU VC, Michael Pennington (Gumtree), Will Neale (Grabyo), Paul Forster (Indeed), Ilkka Paananen (Supercell), Shakil Khan (Prima Materia) and Kärt Siilats (GoBeyondCapital).

With Fund VI, we can lead investment and write first cheques of up to $1M in Angel to Seed rounds. We remain sector-agnostic in our approach and are looking to back companies building foundational technologies spanning sectors, including the likes of Artificial Intelligence, cybersecurity, open source software, healthtech, fintech, and more.

We pride ourselves on being an organisation that pairs the agility and ethos of an Angel with the capital, operational excellence, and network of an experienced VC. And we’ve got the track record to prove it. Having worked with thousands of founders, we understand that at the ‘real’ earliest stage, our job is to be in your corner when you need us and to get out of your way when you don’t. We like to think of it as angel agility with some added VC Va-Va-voom.

We talk a lot about the Seedcamp Network economy. Our size is now such that we see the true power of the Seedcamp flywheel effect in full motion. Whether it’s companies acquiring one another (UiPath & Re:infer), selling to one another, or learning from and investing in each other, we truly believe the Seedcamp Nation is any early-stage founder’s unfair advantage. Our speed of decision-making, vast network, and close collaboration with angels make us the ideal partner. 

Don’t just take our word for it. Our founders go on to achieve great things and continue to support our ever-growing Seedcamp Nation as peers and experts, LPs, and even co-investors. We’ve known Taavet – co-founder of a company you may well have heard of, Wise, for well over a decade, and he had the following to say: 

“Seedcamp has been an incredible partner in building Wise from the earliest days to becoming a public company. I’m excited to back Seedcamp Fund VI as a repeat LP, continue to be part of the strong and ever-growing Seedcamp Nation, and co-invest in the next generation of world-class entrepreneurs building in Europe.” 

For Fund VI, we are proud to have alongside us one of Europe’s largest Angel and Expert Networks, specifically curated to support our founders to operationalise and scale faster. Our new Seedcamp Expert Collective (SxC), a community of 100+ top-quality operators who have scaled some of the world’s most successful businesses, including the likes of Uber, Stripe, Cloudflare, Revolut, Deliveroo, NextDoor, Skyscanner and Wise, and will provide support to founders and their teams through one-to-one sessions, workshops, content, micro-communities, and in some instances, angel investment. 

We were one of the first funds to go public with our deck when we launched Fund IV. In a continued spirit of transparency, we reveal what’s underneath the hood by publishing the deck we used to raise our oversubscribed Fund VI. We hope it helps all emerging fund managers and demonstrates to our founders that you truly will be in great company when joining the Seedcamp Nation. 

Seedcamp Fund VI Fundraising Deck

We’ve said it before, but it merits repeating. Seedcamp is the sum of its people. To everyone who’s put their trust in us over the past 15+ years and supports us and our founders, we thank you deeply. And to all the founders we are yet to meet, we cannot wait to learn what you’re building and partner together for this next chapter. 

If you want to join the Seedcamp Nation, tell us what you’re building here.

Listen in as our leadership team shares more about our plans for Seedcamp VI.

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