Two times a year, the Seedcamp team brings the best startups looking to expand into the US and heads out on tour.

Over two weeks we head to New York, Boston, San Francisco and Silicon Valley, to meet with leading investors, successful founders, and key ecosystem players, so our own startups get the very best exposure and insight into what it takes to expand to America. We wanted to give you all a look at the teams on our US Trip, which officially started yesterday in New York!

Joining them on the East Coast and leading our trip is Ricardo Schaefer, alongside Dave Haynes, from our investment team. After a few days in New York, the Seedcamp crew will head to Boston, before heading to San Francisco for April 25th. Carlos Espinal and Cathy White also head to the West Coast later this week to join the teams. If you’re heading to Collision in New Orleans next week, be sure to get in touch with Carlos!

Want to connect with us on the trip? Get in touch here.

Joining us on the US Trip we have teams from Estonia, Germany, Serbia, Spain, Switzerland and the UK. Take a look at them all below!


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Buildcon (Serbia) – A Hassle-free, easy-to-use mobile construction management tool that helps cut costs and meet deadlines with full control over one or multiple construction projects. The team recently took part in the 500 Startups program in San Francisco.

FinanceFox (Switzerland) – Allows consumers to compare insurances and receive personal advice via a simple and secure app. Finance Fox raised a $5.5M Series A led by Salesforce Ventures in 2015.

Greenhouse (Estonia) – A productivity tool for mobile app developers to build, test and distribute apps automatically. The team has over 3,000 users and 50 + paying customers including leading US and UK based clients.

Hitch (Spain) – Enables API providers to build connections with developers by detecting and communicating API changes. The team raised a Seed round at the end of 2015 and is now looking to expand in the US.

Microscaling Systems (UK and Spain) – An open source multi-platform for microscaling Linux containers. It scales containers in real time in response to demand using physical or virtual machines efficiently. Part of Sequoia’s microservices ecosystem map.

My Recovery (UK) – A health-tech startup providing mobile applications that guide patients “step-by-step” through every aspect of their surgical treatment and recovery. Currently being used in a number of elite centres in the UK. The team plans to open its first test centre in the US by fall 2016.

Priori Data (Germany) – An analytics company that turns public data from the app store and private data from app owners into structured market intelligence on mobile apps. Priori Data has over 12,000 connected partner apps from more than 1,000 developers and has raised from Lakestar.

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Seedcamp is thrilled to announce the most recent startups to become a part of our growing family.

We’ve had a fantastic year so far, with two successful exits for Holvi and Stupeflix, big rounds of investment for Property Partner and Elliptic, and an impressive list of teams who met with our mentor and investor network at Seedcamp Week London.

A day doesn’t go by without a Seedcamp backed team shouting about their news and it’s amazing to watch as our younger teams gain even more momentum.

Reshma Sohoni, Founding Partner of Seedcamp, commented “We’re in our ninth year at Seedcamp, and we’re seeing more and more success in the startups we’re backing, with great results for Holvi and Stupeflix. Our seed fund is going from strength-to-strength and we’re continuing to attract the very best Founders. The latest teams are prime examples of the different types of talent to join our portfolio, with everything from the serial entrepreneur to the ambitious young dreamers, and the industry experts to the classic overachievers. We look forward to supporting these new startups scale and reach their global goals.”

Carlos Espinal, Partner of Seedcamp, added “Our newest teams are using technology to make a serious impact in each of their industries. CharlieHR and Juro are platforms that help support the growing number of small businesses, with tools to save huge amounts of time wasted on HR and Legal. Oratio will change the way customer service teams communicate with their customer in an age of instant messaging applications and Thriva enables us to monitor our health from home so we can understand what is happening in our bodies. Finally, Microscaling Systems will be launching a solution to help companies grow and scale their application infrastructure dynamically.

“Each startup is building a business that can have a global impact and reach, using technology as the enabler of big change, saving us time, money and changing human behaviours.”

Take a look at the new teams below, and get in touch with us if you’re interested to know more.

teams_Q2 CharlieHR (UK) – The free HR platform for small businesses. The team recently announced a £1M Seed Round.

Juro (UK) – A legal-tech startup that helps small businesses create, sign and manage contracts through an AI-enabled workflow.

Microscaling Systems (UK & Spain) – The DevOps startup building on container technology to make cloud software resilient, and handle business demand seamlessly in real time.

oratio (Austria) – The company that helps eCommerce businesses to offer customer service via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Telegram Messenger.

thriva (UK) – A health-tech platform that lets you discover and track what’s going on inside your body using home, finger-prick blood tests

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