14th May – Athens – Workshop with Carlos Espinal

In our mission to accelerate startups into globally successful businesses, we’ve been providing some of Europe’s most promising startups access to our Academy, Network, Capital, and – for those looking to expand westward – the US Trip.

In this exclusive session, Seedcamp Partner Carlos Espinal will deliver an interactive workshop providing advice and actionable insights on what leading investors look for in founders.

The workshop is particularly relevant for early-stage startups who are preparing to seek funding for growth.

Get ready to have your startup looked at closely before we open up Q&A on how to get access to smart funding!

Seedcamp Workshop

You should definitely attend this session if…

  • you are talented and committed entrepreneurs
  • you have global ambitions for your startup
  • your startup is pre-product/market fit (ie. your product is still developing to fully meet your audience’s needs)

By attending this workshop you’ll receive…

  • greater clarity on how to position your startup for users, partners, and investors
  • insights into what a leading Acceleration Fund is looking for in founders
  • challenging and helpful perspectives on:
    • your vision and values
    • the right company culture
    • building a strong team

We look forward to seeing you there! And a big thank-you to Found.ation for hosting us!

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