Seedcamp Academy

We take Learning seriously at Seedcamp. And the best Founders do too. They know that learning never stops, particularly when you are moving fast and your ambition is high. That’s why we’ve developed a learning programme that focuses on the most common areas of difficulty startups tend to face. And not just in the early days of honing product market fit and building traction, but through growth stages and scaling – the entire life cycle of a company.

This is Seedcamp Academy.

It’s a MBA for startups, providing a holistic approach to help founders learn faster and smarter. With a curriculum formulated out of seven years of experience helping 100s of European Founders build, raise and grow, Seedcamp Academy focuses on the following four common areas Founders tend to have the most difficulty with across very early stage to scaling:

  • Product Development & Design
  • Marketing & Distribution
  • Building a Network
  • Company Building & Fundraising

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Academy expands these core areas into a comprehensive series of masterclasses and content called Seedcamp Academy Days led by some of the best Seedcamp mentors and experienced alumni. Previous sessions have included Eric Ries, Saul Klein, Jason Goodman, Sean Ellis, the founders of Seatwave, MindCandy, and Citymapper; Professors at MIT, Harvard and LBS. These sessions aren’t big, impersonal lectures with 100s of students in a large hall. Instead, Seedcamp masterclasses are done in small groups with Q&A and discussion with the speakers so you, the Founder, get the most out of these amazing speakers for your startup.

Over the last seven years we have run 28 full weeks of Seedcamp Academy sessions and content; a total of more than 125 Academy sessions each year with some of the most successful entrepreneurs, operators, and investors worldwide.

We round out the masterclasses with 1:1 office hours with our team and seasoned mentors and experts from our network so you can continue the learning and network building in your own time. And of course there are the additional Seedcamp Academy components available to support you, including:

All from day 1 to day X.