Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you invest and for what stake?
Seedcamp invests in three different ways depending on your startup’s stage, across pre-seed and seed.

How can we get funding?

For our EUR75K for 7% and 3% as a Warrant options, we hold a review process around four times per year.
With Seedcamp Fund III, we also invest in companies raising rounds between €300K to €2M. We typically follow, rather than lead these rounds, so we aren’t usually setting the terms. Please use your lead investor, Seedcamp mentor or network to get in touch with us. Warm introductions are how we do Seed investments.
Independently of the investment structure we’ve been using to back you, you will get access to the same platform post investment.

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Once you’ve submitted your application, we will review it and get back to you.

Other than money, what else is included?

Alongside our capital, Founders connect with Advisors, Investors, and other Seedcamp Founders, through our lifelong Seedcamp Platform, providing them with access to our Network, Learning and Capital. This includes taking part in Seedcamp Operator and Investor Days, our bi-annual US trip, the Seedcamp Academy, and Office Hours.

Do we need to write a business plan?

No, but be sure to fill in the application form thoroughly and provide a demo if possible.

We are afraid that you won’t protect our intellectual property. How do we know you won’t steal our idea? Will you sign an NDA?

No, we won’t sign an NDA and no Investors would at this stage but rest assured as we do treat application data as confidential information. Please keep in mind that every year thousands of startups apply for Seedcamp investment and many of them include similar ideas. So far we have invested in 240 companies and hope our past investments and reputation will make you feel reassured.

What type of companies does Seedcamp invest in?

We invest in technology-oriented companies and are largely industry agnostic.

We’ve already been working on our startup for a while. Is Seedcamp right for us?

Yes, all the more reason. We have invested in a lot of startups in a similar situation, and have terms that are very friendly to previous Investors.

We’ve already taken some funding. Can we still apply?

Definitely. We find that startups who have already raised some funding are very focused on what makes a difference and take the best advantage of the platform and benefits we offer.

We don’t need money. Should we still apply?

All the more reason. If you have the funding and are considering Seedcamp, you recognise that the Network and continuous Learning are the most important value someone can bring to your business.

Does Seedcamp invest in a single Founder startup?

Yes, we have invested in single Founders in the past. However, the odds of being accepted are lower. A startup is a lot of work for one person, therefore we advise you to seek Co-Founders who balance your skillset.

Will Seedcamp fund my Startup if I have a great Idea but am not technical? Can you help me find developers?

Your chances will much higher if you have a technical partner who shares your commitment and vision. Teams thrown together for the purpose of starting a startup usually fall apart under stress.

Will Seedcamp fund multiple startups that are working on the same problem?

Yes. We have invested in 240 companies so far – it’s impossible to avoid small overlaps, and we find our startups focus their strategies well. We have not had any issues so far. The way we deal with it is that when two startups are working on related stuff, we don’t talk to one about what the other’s doing.

Can I get investment without moving to London?

Yes. But we strongly encourage you to work from our offices for some time – especially in the early days. This way you can take full advantage of the Seedcamp Platform which is there to help you learn, network and meet the right future Investors.

Can Seedcamp assist in helping us secure an Entrepreneur’s visa for an employee?

We’ve assisted on a limited number of occasions before for companies that are successful in receiving Seedcamp investment.