Our Pre-Seed Deal Terms

“For any startup looking to build something truly awesome, Seedcamp is the place to start.” — Transferwise

Our Pre-Seed investments work in these 2 ways according to your cash and dilution preferences.

The 3% option

Our investment is via buying a warrant. This allows you to get the benefits of our exceptional programme for minimal dilution. Ideal if you have already raised and don’t need our cash.

€75K for up to 7%

Initially we invest €25k for 5% w/ optional further €50k for no more than 2% (totalling €75k for 7%). You are in the driver’s seat to choose less or more cash.

Our convertible debt and warrant structures are founder and investor friendly and will keep administrative overhead low.



Our network of startups, expert mentors, investors, and training programmes is the best in Europe, and extends globally. These benefits are for life, and include;

  • Onboarding Week:  An intensive week of workshops in London to tune your Product Market Fit roadmap. Great fun, great learning, you’ll never be the same again.
  • Founders Pack:   Over €500,000 of discounts on core services like Payments, Cloud Hosting, CRM, Legal, and the latest tools and services on the market.
  • Coworking space:  In London, Europe, or the US via select partners.
  • US Trip: Join us on a trip to meet top US investors and firms, plan your expansion!
  • Investor Exposure:  Our exclusive Seedcamp Weeks and US trips put you in front of hundreds of the best VC, PE, and Angel investors in the market. Naturally our own investors like to have a first look!
  • Expert Mentors:   1-on-1 mentoring sessions with our specialist network of industry experts to help you create the best solutions for key aspects of your business.
  • Seedcamp Academy:   Our regular learning programmes & speakers bring the leading global thinkers to you in small interactive sessions in our offices

Please come and get to know us at our Meet & Greet events and our Seedhack hackathons.



Emi Gal  Founder and CEO of Brainient

Investors for each of our rounds have come from the Seedcamp network. It’s great to be part of such an experienced and connected family.

Taavet Hinrikus & Kristo Käärmann Founders of TransferWiseSeedcamp was an invaluable stepping stone for TransferWise – it gave us the foundations to build the company we are today. From just a few people around a computer; today we’re over 300 people in four countries. For any startup looking to build something truly awesome, Seedcamp is the place to start. 


Over 15,000 startups have applied for Seedcamp, and we have funded more than 150 Pre-Seed. 91% raise follow-on funding.

Here are some highlights:

  • Transferwise $58m round led by A16Z
  • GrabCAD acq by Stratasys
  • UberVu acq by HootSuite
  • Totems acq by Stripe
  • EDITD funded by Index, Frog
  • and many more




If you still have any questions, make sure to have a look at our FAQ page.