Evan Nisselson, General Partner at LDV Capital, on investing in Visual Technologies, satellite selfies & learning from past mistakes

This week we’re joined by serial entrepreneur and General Partner of LDV Capital, Evan Nisselson. LDV Capital invests in entrepreneurs building early stage Visual Technologies companies in Europe and North America. Evan’s fascinating background includes time as a photographer, photo agent and photo buyer before landing in Sillicon Valley in the mid-90s and becoming one […]

Andy Weissman, Partner at USV, on blockchain, network effect businesses and the evolution of the social web

Union Square Ventures, the New York-based venture capital firm, is famous for investing in ‘large networks of engaged users, differentiated by user experience, and defensible though network effects’, but how does that thesis apply today? In what sectors are there valuable network effects that remain to be unlocked by new and emerging technologies such as […]

Josh Nussbaum, Principal at Compound, on rebranding and learning from missed opportunities

In this episode, Seedcamp partner, Carlos, is joined by Josh Nussbaum, Principal at the New York-based venture capital firm Compound, formerly known as Metamorphic Ventures. Compound, who rebranded earlier this year while raising a new $50 million fund, invests in early-stage technology startups disrupting or enabling traditional industries in New York and across the States. […]

US Trip Diary: 10 Startup Tips I Learned First-Hand In America

One of the founders pitching to the investors at ___

This guest post is written by James Swanston, Founder & CEO of Voyage Control – the platform for businesses to manage, optimise and track their freight deliveries. James joined Seedcamp for the twice-yearly US Trip, meeting investors and tech companies across the USA. It seems like a lifetime ago that I wrote about my first week at Seedcamp […]

US Trip Complete! A Recap of Ten Days on the Road

After 2+ weeks on the road, we’re now back from the Spring 2014 Seedcamp US road trip. Souvenirs for the Seedcamp founders that joined on the journey include stacks of business cards, a smattering of stickers for their laptops, fresh perspective and insights into the US market, new friends and advisors, and for many, a […]

America Here We Come! Seedcamp’s Spring US Trip is Kicking Off

The days are getting longer and spring is just around the corner. It can only mean one thing: it’s time to pack our bags and head to America for our first US trip of 2014. Marked in our calendars each spring and autumn, we hit the road for the US twice a year to achieve […]

Seedhack Founders Collaboration Agreement Version 2.0

Today we’re launching version 2.0 of the Seedhack Founder’s Collaboration Agreement (download here in .DOC or in .PDF). We’ve made a couple of adjustments to the previous version that we hope will further make this document a solid tool to help launch an informal collaborating team into a formal company. One thing we’ve added is a Vesting […]

Four New Companies Join the Seedcamp Family

Seedcamp Events in the past 3 months 3 months. 3 events in Zagreb, New York and London. Thousands of applications from over 65 countries. 60 passionate teams getting mentored. Hundreds of high quality mentors and 4 investments. These are the numbers that make Seedcamp stand out as the leading micro-seed investment and mentoring programme. A […]

Why European Startups Are Choosing New York Over Silicon Valley

  Originally Posted on The Next Web.   Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Carlos Eduardo Espinal and Scott Sage. Carlos is a Partner at Seedcamp, an early stage mentoring and investment program based in Europe. Scott is an Associate at DFJ Esprit, a leading cross-stage venture capital firm that invests from seed to late stage in European technology and media […]

Seedcamp New York ’12 – Meet the Teams

Next Tuesday, we’ll be hosting our second Seedcamp in New York. Last year, we were very impressed by the quality of the companies that came to the event. 20 teams wowed us with their products, pitched, got access to the best NY-based network of entrepreneurs, investors and mentors; and out of them, 4 became part […]