Felix on Startup Cap Tables: How to model a pre-seed round

At Seedcamp, we are lucky to meet hundreds of founders a year who are solving some of the world’s most challenging problems. For many of these individuals, it is their first time raising capital for their startup and, often, we see the same cap table-related mistakes being made early on. These can equate to huge costs down the line as the startup grows. In an effort to help founders avoid making these mistakes early on, our analyst Felix Martinez walks you through various cap table exercises through our video series Felix on Startup Cap Tables.

In the previous episode, Felix walked us through the basics of setting up your cap table by modeling out an angel/friends and family round. In this most recent episode of Felix on Startup Cap Tables, Felix dissects the nitty-gritty of your first VC-led equity round. You can follow along with the team via this GSheet Cap Table Model. Alongside our Managing Partner Carlos Espinal, the duo discuss four key elements that existing investors would ask about ahead of a pre-seed cap table, including:

  1. Existing investors’ pro-rata rights (we’ll cover how to calculate them)
  2. Different types of shares, including preferred and common.
  3. Voting rights associated with those shares
  4. Option pool expansion (we’ll cover how to model one)

As always, leave comments below if you have questions, and be sure to email felixmartinez@seedcamp.com if you have ideas for future episodes of Felix on Startup Cap Tables. Keep a lookout for episode three which will cover SAFEs, convertibles, and ASA structures (we might even have a special guest joining us 👀).

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