Hopin CMO Anthony Kennada on how to build a category defining brand

Natasha Lytton sat down with Anthony Kennada, CMO at Hopin, to chat about building a category-defining brand. Hopin, an all-in-one live online events platform, is one of the fastest-growing start-ups in the world and was recently valued at $8bn. It’s been incredible to witness Hopin’s growth since leading their Pre-Seed raise in 2019. During the fireside chat, the two discuss the importance of codifying the branding of any company (mission, vision etc.) as this helps contextualise and amplify a company’s product. Hopin built its story around founder Johnny Boufarhat, who had a medical condition that kept him from engaging with the world. Anthony then breaks down category creation vs. disruption playbooks: for disruption, companies usually go after an incumbent, and hence, marketing is usually wrapped around product features, pricing, and so on. However, category creation is about creating a cognitive reference in people’s mind. In essence – category-creating is more about a problem, where disruption is focused more on the solution. Hop in to hear more about some of the tips and tricks Anthony uses when building out content marketing strategies, his take on how to build brand IP and much more!



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