The Diversity Playbook, with author and Equality Group founder Hephzi Pemberton

“Diversity of the leadership… is the number one thing you should be doing as a founder at the early stages. Because that is going to pull in more diversity over time — that’s how networks operate.”Hephzi Pemberton, Founder at Equality Group

Diversity and inclusion within startups is essential in innovating and adapting in our fast-paced world. Bringing people with distinctive life experiences into the room to make decisions is key, whether in leadership meetings, the board room, or investment discussions. Even if we might agree with this hypothesis, the reality is that most companies are not doing enough to encourage a diverse workforce. Research from the Silicon Valley Bank finds that only 42% of startups (in the UK, US, and Canada) have at least one C-suite executive who is ethnically or racially diverse. 43% have at least on female C-suite executive. Racial and gender, not to mention socio-economic and political, diversity is sadly by many still not seen as a must-have priority.

To discuss why diversity is so important for good decision-making and share key tangible ways startups can work on their diversity and inclusion efforts, today’s podcast features Hephzi Pemberton, founder of the Equality Group. Joined by our talent manager Alex Lewis, our host Carlos Espinal discusses Hephzi’s most recent book launch of The Diversity Playbook. In it, she showcases latest research and case studies, as well as an applicable exercise in each chapter, to show how leaders and firms who embrace and embed inclusion and diversity into their business will benefit.

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