Two world-class operators join as Seedcamp Experts in Residence

Welcoming Devin Hunt and Scott Brown We are thrilled to announce the addition of Devin Hunt and Scott Brown to our Experts in Residence program. With experience at the helm of tech giants including the likes of Facebook, Google and Lyst, Devin and Scott will work closely alongside our portfolio companies to help our founders across everything […]

Jackson Gabbard, Seedcamp EiR & founding Facebook hire on great tech leadership

How can companies promote great technical leadership, and how should startups approach hiring developers? On that topic Seedcamp partner Carlos Espinal is joined by Jackson Gabbard, one of the founding hires in Facebook’s London office and now an Expert in Residence at Seedcamp. Having made the transition from an English degree to a career in […]

US Trip Diary: 10 Startup Tips I Learned First-Hand In America

One of the founders pitching to the investors at ___

This guest post is written by James Swanston, Founder & CEO of Voyage Control – the platform for businesses to manage, optimise and track their freight deliveries. James joined Seedcamp for the twice-yearly US Trip, meeting investors and tech companies across the USA. It seems like a lifetime ago that I wrote about my first week at Seedcamp […]

US Trip Complete! A Recap of Ten Days on the Road

After 2+ weeks on the road, we’re now back from the Spring 2014 Seedcamp US road trip. Souvenirs for the Seedcamp founders that joined on the journey include stacks of business cards, a smattering of stickers for their laptops, fresh perspective and insights into the US market, new friends and advisors, and for many, a […]

America Here We Come! Seedcamp’s Spring US Trip is Kicking Off

The days are getting longer and spring is just around the corner. It can only mean one thing: it’s time to pack our bags and head to America for our first US trip of 2014. Marked in our calendars each spring and autumn, we hit the road for the US twice a year to achieve […]

Seedcamp Week 2012 – Product Day Recap

Product Day 2012 was focused on understanding the user experience of the individual customers. We kicked off the day with team presentations, followed by an introduction to user led design hosted by the IDEO team. The morning was concluded with a set of mentoring sessions during which teams spent time with Europe’s most coveted product experts. […]

The US trip 2012 – bigger, better, America!

We’re at it again. One of the 2 biggest marquee events (the other being Seedcamp Week) is coming up – our annual US trip, which will take our team and the recent Seedcamp companies (the March 2011 – Feb 2012 class) on a whirlwind tour of the United States’ startup and technology world. Last Saturday […]

Seedcamp Founders Pack, Sponsors, and Seedhack

Besides linking up the startups with more mentors and funding opportunities, we are opening up even more avenues for entrepreneurs to build relationships and deepen their engagement with corporates. We want to provide a fast-track for corporates and startups to engage with each other and are working with some of the biggest names in the […]

Seedcamp Partners, Experts and Angels

As we are in business to identify, support and develop the best pre-seed stage founders and businesses, we are always pushing our proposition to founders to the next level. As such we are announcing some key initiatives in the following areas: Partnerships – giving companies a head start to set-up shop in the best tech […]

Seedhack ver. 1.0

Back in early June, we shared our idea behind seedhack. Our idea is simple, what if we could combine top-notch hackers with leaders from across different companies? What if we could bring talented developers from all over Europe to create innovative solutions for organizations or sectors that desperately need them? Could this format potentially form […]